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Hoists - Hoist Accessories

Hoist Accessories

Hoist adapters

When mounting the PC3 hoist to a Power Climber walk-through, an 8-0406 20° Hoist Adapter or an 8-0278 90° Hoist Adapter is required.

Work cages built by Power Climber and PC3s mounted to standard A-frame of end-style stirrups should not require adapters.

Hoist covers

Hoist covers protect the vital components of the hoists, preventing the entry of contaminating materials and in turn, improving the hoist’s operating life. It is recommended that these disposable, fire resistant covers be used especially in harsh environments such as welding, sandblasting and pressure washing applications, coastal environments, and harsh weather conditions.

Our hoist covers are fire resistant high silica glass fiber fabric per 1610 of Title 16, Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter II – Consumer Products Safety Commission of U.S.A. Alt, black cloth cover for the hoist. They will help prevent the introduction of foreign materials into the vital hoist component areas and help protect the hoist in welding applications.

Remote controls

Remote control systems can be added to PC3, PC1 and Astro 85 Series electric hoists to put convenient control of the hoists at the user’s fingertips.

Wire ropes

We offer a variety of steel wire ropes in 3/8 in., 5/16 in., 8.3 mm and 8.4 mm diameters.

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